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The young fashion brand Marine Serre have just launched their 2021 Autumn Ready-to-Wear collection, titled Core. The collection contains 53 pieces that feature many different materials such as silk, leather, cotton, denim, all in different colors including red, brown, black, purple, and beige, which are the main ones put forward here.


The collection has, of course, the famous Marine Serre logo on most of the pieces, but the mix of many patterns and materials makes this collection unique – on one hand for the style and on the other hand on the people showcased for the collection. To like this collection you have to like putting different styles and materials together.


The collection is also all about celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones. We can see that by looking throughout the collection and how they decided to shot it – in some pictures, there was only one person, others two or three. Some were children other ones were older. Diversity in the models was put forward here as well and it is important nowadays in the fashion industry to do that.


The celebration theme is also expressed in everyday tasks, like watering the plants, cooking, walking the dog, playing, taking care of your loved ones, and more. It really put forwards the fact that the brand can be everyday wear whatever the activity you could be doing.


Regarding how the collection, on how it was showcased, the fashion brand didn’t seem to want to do a movie or a digital show like many other brands did these past few fashion weeks. Instead, the brand created a website just for the collection, only the ‘Core’ collection is featured on it.


After only three years of the brand, the young Marine Serre, really wanted to put out the creativity of the brand into this collection. She already received in 2017 the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers, so the brand already seems to be part of the big brands that have a great future ahead of them.


Please find below some pictures of the collection.




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