Mark Wahlberg In Talks With Netflix For Spy Movie ‘Our Man In New Jersey’ | Film News


Mark Wahlberg is in talks with Netflix to produce and star in spy movie, Our Man In New Jersey. If the deal is complete, Wahlberg will portray a blue-collar James Bond-type character. That’s all we know right now. Safe House writer David Guggenheim is also in talks to help develop the script. Stephen Levinson, who originally came up with the story idea, will produce alongside Wahlberg.


Wahlberg and Levinson just worked on another Netflix movie, Spenser Confidential, which was reportedly watched by over 85 million people. That’s a debatable number as Netflix reportedly counts “watched” as a user consuming only about two minutes of the film, but it’s still understandable that they’d be eager to work with Wahlberg again.


Whether you buy the Netflix numbers or not, Spenser Confidential was reportedly the most watched Netflix Original Movie of all time…for about a month, until Chris Hemsworth‘s Extraction came along to snag the title.


Perhaps the uber-competitive Wahlberg is gunning for that #1 spot again, though he’ll have to compete with the in-development Red Notice, which stars the towering trio of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds.


Netflix have also collaborated with Guggenheim before. He previously produced The Christmas Chronicles and produced and created the Kiefer Sutherland series Designated Survivor. The streaming giant is known for re-teaming with previously successful collaborators so this all fits their MO.


What else has Wahlberg been up to? He recently wrapped shooting on the independent drama Good Joe Bell, and will be explored in an upcoming HBO Max documentary gloriously titled Wahl Street.



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