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It was months ago that we first heard of Martin Freeman’s (a.k.a. Bilbo Baggins’) involvement with the Cap’s latest escapade, but his exact role was kept a closely guarded secret by the powers that be at Marvel. However, Captain America: Civil War is now just two months away from hitting cinema screens worldwide and Marvel have finally revealed Freeman’s mysterious role: Everett Ross.


While that name might not mean anything to anyone beyond hardcore fans, Everett Ross is a recurring character who will no doubt be cropping up again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the comics, he is America’s man in Wakanda: the fictional African nation ruled over by Black Panther. We can therefore expect to see more of him in Chadwick Boseman’s stand alone movie Black Panther.


His role in Civil War is different. He is part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, the organisation which rose from the ashes of S.H.I.E.L.D.; in a still we can see Freeman standing with a group of German special forces soldiers. Co-producer Joe Russo claims that Captain America will be returning to Germany to face a new enemy whilst also fighting off Iron Man and the rest of his team. However, Everett Ross has always been a supporting character of Black Panther, so the identity of this new enemy remains a mystery.


No doubt we shall learn more within the next two months, perhaps learning the role Freeman’s Ross will play in the narrative or learning the identity of Captain America’s adversary. Captain America: Civil War will be released in U.K. cinemas April 29 and you can see Freeman in character in a film still below.





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