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Martin Scorsese


When Martin Scorsese announces a new film, the whole film community stops to listen.


Scorsese last graced the silver screen with The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, but it has now been announced that he is developing a biopic about classical pianist Byron Janis. Beyond being a pianist, Janis was a strong admirer of Chopin and became the first American to visit the Soviet Union in 1960. It has not been confirmed that Scorsese will direct the biopic, but it has been reported that he will produce it whilst Peter Glanz writes the script.


Music has always been an important factor in Scorsese’s films, having used The Rolling Stones heavily since Mean Streets in 1973. He has also made documentaries around music such as Shine A LightNo Direction Home and The Blues. However, this is the first time that Scorsese’s penchant for music has been the main focus of his fictional work.


Scorsese is also being linked with a Frank Sinatra biopic, a documentary on The Grateful Dead, and a film about the history of The Ramones.

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