Sky Ferreira To Release New Album In 2016 | Music News

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Sky Ferreira To Release New Album In 2016 | Music News



Sky Ferreira released her debut album, Night Time, My Time, in 2013, to largely favourable reviews and was the reason for the rapid increase in fame she received over such a small time. Since then, Ferreira planned on releasing her second studio album in 2015, but said it got delayed because she didn’t want to compromise on the matter of her music, and has announced she will be releasing Masochism this year instead.


She recently updated fans on the status of her new album via Instagram: “I also know I’ve been really vague about my music so I appreciate the patience from some of you. I’ve been working on it the whole time & in 2016 you will hear it. I refuse to put out something that isn’t honest. It’s not something that I can force out. If I was to do it any sooner I either would have been compromising myself & anyone listening. I would have had to put out music that wasn’t true or a message I would not want to put out into the universe.”



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