Marvel Cinematic Universe Becomes Christmas Rom-Com In Trailer Mashup | Film Trailer

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So, Christmas is nearly here again, and despite whatever high-brow cinematic tastes we aspire to throughout the year, one thing is certain. At some point throughout the festive period, we will all find ourselves merrily drunk in front of the television with Love Actually beaming itself into our inebriated skulls. It’s unavoidable, we might as well face it; televisual choices over the holidays always follow the path of least resistance, and rom-coms offer up an extremely simplified view of life with grand romantic gestures and an easy resolution that we find extremely comforting.


Love Actually, being a veritable anthology of (assumedly previously discarded) rom-com plots, is the obvious choice. Plus it has Bill Nighy in it so we can almost forget the bounty of woman hating misogyny the film contains…


However, Vulture have an entertaining alternative for us this year; a reimagining of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a terrifyingly plausible romantic comedy – come on, we all felt that tension between Bucky and Cap… With a focus on the hilariously awkward dialogue from those times the Avengers aren’t kicking some alien’s around, the trailer shows a more tender (and quip-based) side of Marvel’s most familiar heroes. It’s the MCU meets Love Actually, though this time the female characters actually get to say something worthwhile – thanks Paul Feig and Joss Whedon! Check out the trailer below:




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