Marvel Hints At ‘Luke Cage’ Premiere | TV News

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Marvel Hints At ‘Luke Cage’ Premiere | TV News



Marvel Studios may have given fans a clue to Netflix Show Luke Cage’s premiere date. Fans got a clue to when the series would debut on Netflix’s series Jessica Jones Twitter account – a screenshots showing one of the private investigator’s files with Cage’s name as well the word “November” highlighted on it. Whilst this seems a clear hint by the company, Netflix has not given any confirmation to the release date, though it would fit in perfectly with the debut of Jessica Jones last year in 2015.


The series would see Mike Colter reprise his role as the hero battling corrupt politician Mariah Dillard – played by Alfre Woodard – and her drug running cousin Cottonmouth – played by Mahershala Ali, the star hinting that the show will follow Jessica Jones in delving into darker subject matter than the Marvel movies had.



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