Marvel Unveils First Images Of Oscar Winning Director Chloe Zhao’s ‘The Eternals’ | Film News


Marvel has released a three-minute video inviting viewers back into theaters by teasing their upcoming films including Oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao‘s The Eternals, which is due on November 5.


This is not a trailer of the film but only some images of the film and the main characters. We find Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Gemma Chan and Kumail Nanjiani but especially Angelina Jolie, who plays Thena.


Transformed into a platinum blonde, the Maleficent actress brandishes a superb glittering sword, which foretells a powerful role in the first images of the film.


The Eternals tells the story of immortal aliens with supernatural powers whose mission it is to protect humanity since the dawn of time. Having lived in hiding for over 7,000 years, The Eternals are forced to emerge from the shadows to stand in the way of an evil, enemy force: the Deviants.


According to a synopsis, The Eternals will frame “an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years.”


In this video, Marvel also announced the updated release dates of all the films for the next two years Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, scheduled for February 17, 2023, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, scheduled for May 5, 2023 as well as the officialization of the name of the Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, expected in theatres on July 8, 2022.


A busy superhero schedule for the next two years, enough to make up for the lost time.


You can watch the video just below.




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