Marvel Unveils Trailer For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ | Film Trailer


The internet was sent into a bit of a frenzy on Wednesday as Marvel teased the world with the trailer to the latest installment in the Avengers series, Infinity War. The new blockbuster film will feature the vast array of characters from the Marvel Universe from Captain America to Black Panther as well as a surprise appearance from the Guardians Of The Galaxy cast.


At the point of writing, the trailer has over 42 million views and is the number one Trending video on YouTube
Infinity War is clearly out to rival that of its DC counterpart Justice League which was released only recently to overall mixed reviews. With its epic conjoining story plot, there is high hopes and a lot to be expected from the new Avengers film.


While the film is set to be released officially in May of 2018, Avengers fans will certainly not be too bothered by the wait. Make sure you check out the trailer for the new film below.




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