NONONO – Lost Song | Music Video


The Stockholm alt-pop trio NONONO, after the release of their stunning and emotive single “Lost Song” via Warner Music Sweden early this month, have just dropped off the official music video to accompany the track.


After their breakthrough 2014 LP ‘We Are Only What We Feel and their acclaimed single “Pumpin Blood“, the Swedish pop band composed of Tobias Jimson, Michel Flygare and Stina Wäppling, announced that they would be taking a break of 18 months, in order to do their own things.


During this period, while Tobias and Michel soon got back together in the studio, Stina travelled in Asia for half a year. This experience was so important for the NONONO music career, because they put together all these new experiences and feelings into the music making process.


Tobias played the track to Lost Song for me in the car when I had just returned from India and I felt it sounded like India and it made me feel the many emotions I had gone through in that country far from home. Lost Song is about losing confidence in life, and regaining it”.


“It’s about fear and feeling unidentified, but also about regaining a basic belief in just being. You do not need to justify or excuse your existence. For me, that feeling is important not to forget and it has given me a lot of strength so I hope to convey and share that feeling!” the vocalist explains.


Don’t waste time and watch their brand new video now here:




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