Marvel’s Finest Fool Around In New ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Blooper Reel | Film News



The first blooper reel we saw for Joss Whedon‘s Avenger’s: Age of Ultron was pretty disappointing. It predominantly featured the cast missing a beat with the film’s clunky dialogue, and closed with Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye finally getting revenge on Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).


With this second featurette, however, we see the hugely talented cast blowing off steam on what could only be an incredibly stressful, high-budget production. And how do they do that? Mostly kissing each other apparently… Stellan Skarsgård‘s witty self-aware quips, which have featured in both blooper reels now, are definitely a highlight. Though seeing some of the post-production staff having fun with the CGI definitely endears the whole project to me. And yes, now we all know, Robert Downey Jr. is always that charming. Both featurettes will appear on the Avenger’s: Age of Ultron Blu-Ray and DVD, available now. Check out the gag reel below.




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