Marvel’s Kevin Feige Addresses Lack Of LGBT Representation In Marvel Cinematic Universe | Film News


After the US Supreme Court ruling that makes same sex marriage legal in the United States, Marvel president Kevin Feige has addressed the lack of representation of LGBT characters in the Marvel film universe – which are widely represented in the comic book universe. When asked about the issue during a press conference for Ant-Man – specifically if we could be expecting to see an LGBT character within the next decade of Marvel film releases, Feige stated that he “would think so, for sure“.


Currently in the comic universe, an all-female Avengers team has assembled and Sam Wilson as an African American Captain America is happening – and with this embracing of more female and ethnically diverse characters, we can hope to see the same evolution (including the LGBT community) in the near future.


Feige continued to say that usually there is a lag of roughly five years between things that happen in the comics and things that are portrayed on screen (and used Captain America‘s ten year gap as a prominent example), so there is no reason why these opportunities will not arise in the next five to ten years – and we can’t wait to see the result of this.



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