‘Master Of None’ Season 1 – Like A Story From Your Gran | TV Review


You know when your Gran tells you a story about something that happened back in the day, that she thinks is really funny? Even though it’s not really all that funny? Well the (usually) very funny Aziz Ansari’s brand new Netflix show Master of None is a little bit like that.


You’re sitting there, peacefully taking this long and winding tale in, whilst constantly on the lookout for the big punchline that’s going to make your time and commitment worth it. But it never really comes. You have a chuckle every now and then, sure. But compared to the laughing fit the storyteller is having, you’re virtually a statue. And that’s kind of how I felt about Master of None – like the writers had written a show that really makes them laugh, but the audience not so much.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a show that (as mentioned before) makes for a really peaceful watch, and I was quite content to fly through the first season in a matter of days. But when I think of Ansari’s past work (both his TV shows and stand-up), I think of a guy that’s one of America’s premier funny men. Whereas when I think about Master of None, I’m sort of reminded of Werther’s Originals…



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