Matthew Vaughn Confirmed To Write & Direct ‘Kingsman 3’ | Film News


Good news if you’re a fan of the cartoonish spy genre that broke onto the scene in 2014: 20th Century Fox has confirmed that a third Kingsman film is on its way and that Matthew Vaughn will return to write and direct the third instalment of the franchise.


Beginning with Kingsman: The Secret Service and following up with 2017’s sequel The Golden Circle, the franchise has proven to be somewhat of a surprise hit, although perhaps it’s not that surprising that a 007-parodying franchise has found success in a modern, post-ironic world.


However the sequel proved to be a critical disappointment compared to the original, though they both brought home about the same in box office returns.


There’s no word on plot details yet, but it’s likely that Taron Egerton returns as protagonist Eggsy, along with Colin Firth‘s supporting role as Harry Hart. Hopefully this one won’t suffer from the bloated kitchen sink approach that introduced too many characters and plot threads that ultimately doomed the sequel for most audiences.


We’ll wait on more details about the threequel, as all we really know now is that Kingsman 3 is currently slated to hit cinemas November 8, 2019.



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