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Stop this crazy train, I want to get off. The newest trend in TV land over the past year seems to be the laziest one: remake a film into a TV series. It’s easy! All the cogs are still there, just elongate the plot into ten episodes, keep all the parts the audience loved and you’ve got a hit!


However, the trend hasn’t actually proved to be that successful, with only a few of these ideas leading to success. That hasn’t stopped networks greenlighting as many as they can. Here’s a list of recent film-to-TV remakes:


Training Day, Westworld, Lethal Weapon, Fargo, Minority Report, 12 Monkeys, Bad Teacher, The Exorcist, Van Helsing, Ransom.


And here’s a second list of film-to-TV remakes arriving soon:


Snowpiercer, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Dear White People, Taken, The Mist, Snatch. And now you can 3 Days Of The Condor to the list.


A ten episode series has been commissioned to remake Sydney Pollock‘s 1975 political thriller. Robert Redford starred in the original as Joe Turner, nicknamed ‘Condor’, who finds all his CIA colleagues murdered before going on the run.


Taking up Redford’s role is Max Irons (Red Riding Hood, The White Queen, The Riot Club), though the role has been tweaked a bit for a modern setting. Irons will play “an idealistic millennial who, when everyone in his office is massacred by professional killers, is forced out of his ivory tower think tank and into battle with the most dangerous elements in the military-industrial complex”.


Paramount TV have developed the show with Jason Smilovic running the show and writing alongside Todd Katzberg. Paramount will be hoping for more of a Westworld, and less of a Minority Report or Bad Teacher (both cancelled).



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