‘Maze Runner’ Director Wes Ball To Helm Epic Fantasy ‘Fall Of Gods’| Film News



With Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials yet to open, Wes Ball still feels like a director in waiting. With the first part of his YA franchise yielding commercial if not critical success, the American is yet to have his mettle tested. 20th Century Fox, however, seem undaunted. Today THR reports that Ball is set to direct graphic novel adaptation, Fall Of Gods, for the studio.


Shrouded in Norse mythology, the novel focuses on Vali – a yeoman, tending the land, haunted by long forgotten wars. When his love is taken from him, the sheltering peace is shattered, and the farmer must once again take up his sword. With the colossi of Jotanheim and titans of the Aesir loose upon the world, Vali must become the man he once was, and face the decisions he has made.


The graphic novel received huge fan support when it surpassed its Kickstarter target last year. Its creator, Rasmus Berggreen, is a digital content designer in Denmark, and has previously worked on film and video game titles such as Hitman: Absolution. Hardback and digital editions of the novel are available now from MOOD’s shop page. Check out the site for more etherial concept artwork.





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