Mckenna Grace & Jesse Williams To Star In ‘Spider & Jessie’

Mckenna Grace (Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Handmaid’s Tale) and Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy) have signed on to star in new film titled Spider & Jessie. Dan Kay, who previously wrote Nicolas Cage film Pay The Ghost and Pierce Brosnan actioner I.T., will direct.

The movie will tell the story of two sisters, Spider and Jessie, who horrifically discover their mother has overdosed. Haunted by the fear that they will end up separated in the foster system, they desperately attempt to conceal her body.

But their plans are threatened when a string of people start inquiring about their mother’s whereabouts, leaving the girls contemplating how far they’re willing to go to stay together and out of the system.

Kay, who has written the screenplay with Julia Keller, said in a statement: “This damage – the collateral damage caused by addiction – compelled me to tell this heartbreaking but vital story about opioid orphans.” Grace added:

“I was aware of how prevalent drug use and addiction was but in doing this film, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of just how big of a problem it is. Many of our own cast and crew have shared their experiences and it’s heartbreaking. Doing this is more than just making a film, it’s creating and being a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.”

The film will also have supporting roles from Jojo Regina, Dacre Montgomery, Forrest Goodluck, Fernanda Andrade, and Malia Baker. There’s currently no release date for the film.

Grace’s next project is Peacock miniseries A Friend of the Family, which tells the true story of Robert Berchtold, a close friend of the Broberg family, who kidnaps Jan Broberg multiple times over the years. It premieres this Friday.


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