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London-based vocalist, songwriter, producer and bassist MEI is returning stronger than ever with a brand new five-track EP The Hard Way Around The Sun, set to be release this summer. She has shared the first single of this upcoming EP and it is entitled “See Us”.


The past year has been quite a test for the musician who survived COVID-19, overcame heartbreak and battled racial injustice, but with “See Us”, MEI demonstrates her radiance by channeling the previous set-backs into something positive, and into an anthem for black women everywhere in the world, who demand to be seen for exactly who they are.


With this new single, MEI is showing us that she is an ever-growing artist and that she is always developing. The sound palette presents in “See Us” has created a sonic kaleidoscope of intensity. The song was produced by MEI herself accompanied by the duo A Good Friend, which is composed of Teresa Origone and Jaleesa Gemerts.


The single is made of electronic glitches and power pulses that transform it into a whirlwind of resistance. MEI has also mixed in it different genres like R&B, rap, soul and alternative; adding to this some defiant and energetic lyrics: “They don’t see us, we gon’ make them see us“.


About her new single, Mei said:”See Us is for the Black women demanding to be seen for who they truly are and to encourage all Black people that change is still possible.


I wrote See Us during the George Floyd protests last year. I felt so weary and heartbroken from all the social media posts, black squares and graphic videos circulating the internet. I had to delete my apps and take a break, so writing this song was my protest and my therapy. I hope it heals and re-energizes. Sadly our fight continues but we can’t give up“.


The single also come accompanied by a lockdown-filmed video, the inspiration comes from Solange‘s visual for her song “Binz”. MEI’s video was filmed with an iPhone and at home. She worked on it with her sisters, which reflects her ethos to works mostly with women. This is also ingrained into the production of the EP which is produced, performed and played entirely by women.


MEI is a South London vocalist, songwriter, producer and bassist. She has a unique blend of R&B, rap, alternative as well as electronics elements that are combined with soul-baring lyrics. She describes her sound as “honey for your ears, medicine for your fears.


With her name meaning “beauty” in Chinese, she wants to search for the beauty within, so that she can create music that inspires and empowers people.


Watch the video of MEI’s new single “See Us” here:




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