Melanie Herrera Releases New Indie Pop Single ‘Drama’

Rising indie pop artist Melanie Herrera has dropped her latest single, “Drama,” on April 4th. This release coincides with the second anniversary of her pop project, which has seen success on radio and Spotify playlists, along with winning indie music video awards.

Co-written and produced by Tiger Darrow, “Drama” delivers a punchy pop anthem exploring the allure of mischief. Herrera’s signature blend of catchy hooks and introspective lyrics shines through, drawing comparisons to Taylor Swift’s “Reputation,” Billie Eilish, and Lana Del Rey.

With “Drama,” Herrera continues to evolve her style, delving deeper into her emotional landscape. Her recent releases signify a shift toward more introspective themes, touching on life’s complexities such as love, anxiety, and purpose.

Reflecting on her journey, Herrera shares, “After years of battling self-doubt and performance anxiety, I’ve found my voice in music.” Her infectious melodies and heartfelt storytelling have garnered attention, with her previous single “Young” featured on NYC’s 90.7FM and her music video “Without Me” winning awards.

“Drama” encapsulates the universal experience of wrestling with self-destructive impulses. Produced entirely by women, the track captures the essence of Herrera’s artistry – blending infectious pop with insightful introspection.

As Herrera continues to carve her path in independent pop, “Drama” serves as another milestone in her journey. With her compelling stage presence and relatable lyrics, Melanie Herrera proves to be an artist on the rise, leaving her mark on the indie pop landscape.

Listen to “Drama” below!


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