Peruvian Artist RMTZ Shares New Single ‘Take Me’

Singer-songwriter RMtz has just unveiled her latest single “Take Me,” marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning music career. The track, a fusion of Tropical House and Modern Pop, showcases RMtz’s talent and growth as an artist.

With “Take Me,” Rmtz delivers an emotive piece that resonates with listeners on a deep level. The song’s warm melodies and thought-provoking lyrics promise to captivate audiences both nationally and internationally.

Renato Monteza Bances, known as RMtz, expresses his passion for music and its transformative power. He shares, “Music saved me at one point in my life, it has the power to inspire us, make us reflect and change us.”

Despite starting as a bedroom musician, RMtz’s dedication to his craft is evident in the impeccable production and captivating vocals of “Take Me.” The single showcases his unique style, influenced by Tropical House, Deep House, and Pop.

RMtz’s refusal to be confined by genre boundaries sets him apart as an artist. Fans can anticipate a diverse musical repertoire as he explores genres like Slap House, Tech House, and Pop.

“Take Me” is now available on streaming platforms, offering listeners a chance to experience RMtz’s musical journey firsthand. With its authentic and emotionally charged sound, the single is set to become a favorite among pop music enthusiasts.

As RMtz continues to evolve as an artist, “Take Me” serves as a glimpse into his promising future. With each release, he aims to connect with audiences on a deeper level, providing a meaningful and moving musical experience.

It’s gonna be the perfect beach song for this summer.

Listen to “Take Me” below!


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