Melissa McCarthy & Chris O’Dowd To Star In Comedy ‘The Starling’ | Film News


Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd must enjoy working together. Both had breakout roles in Bridesmaids, before the duo starred in the comedy-drama, St. Vincent. Now, they’re collaborating once again, re-teaming with St. Vincent director Ted Melfi for a comedy titled The Starling.


The duo will play a married couple who suffer a tragedy that puts a significant strain on their relationship. O’Dowd goes to deal with his grief in recovery, while McCarthy stays at home, seeking solace in her beautiful garden. Unfortunately, a large black starling has built a nest, prompting her to track down a veterinarian to humanely deal with the situation.


It doesn’t sound like a barrel of laughs, does it? Well, per Deadline, the emotional story is “an allegorical tale of how love can carry one through grief”, and will be similar to St. Vincent in tone. That film also balanced dark and light themes.


This script – written by Matt Harris – has been around for a while. It first appeared on the 2005 Black List, and at one point Keanu Reeves and Isla Fisher were circling it when Dome Karukoski (Tolkien) was poised to direct. That incarnation of the project never took flight. It was also slightly different; that version of the script had the husband squaring off against the titular starling instead.


The Starling will be fully financed by Limelight, and could go before cameras as soon as this summer. It’s good timing for Melfi, who found himself with an open slot after Disney-Fox declined to move forward with his film Fruit Loops. The Woody Harrelson vehicle is now being shopped to other studios, with Paramount reportedly registering interest.



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