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You have probably listened to the song “Early”, by Hip Hop duo Run the Jewels, but you have never heard it like this before. The new version of the song, produced by BOOTS, retains the sharp lyricism of El-P and Killer Mike but they are now backed entirely by cat sounds. The appropriately named “Meowrly” was debuted on Run the Jewels’ Beats 1 radio show and has both delighted and confused fans in equal measure. Listen below to see how BOOTS has successfully managed to make a listenable beat that is comprised entirely of purrs, scratches and meows.


What started as a joke on Kickstarter – to recreate the acclaimed Run The Jewels 2 using cat noises – is now edging ever closer to a fully fledged release and just goes to show that people on the internet take cat jokes way too seriously. Confirmed contributors to the Meow The Jewels album include Just Blaze, The Alchemist, Dan the Automator and Prince Paul and it is going to be extremely interesting to find out how these legendary Hip Hop producers manage, when they are limited to just samples of cats.




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