Naughty Boy Finally Responds To Zayn Malik’s ‘Fat Joke’ Tweets | Music News


Naughty Boy has finally responded to tweets from former One Direction singer Zayn Malik’s stating that he is a “fat joke“. Last week, Zayn Malik addressed Naughty Boy in a bitter tweet, “you fat joke stop pretending we’re friends no one knows you“. Zayn started this feud after the video for his “No Type” track featuring Krept and Konan, was leaked. Naughty Boy was supposed to be working with Malik on numerous tracks.


Naughty Boy told The Sun on Sunday “I can deal with what he said, but he knows the hate I’ve had to endure for him is the bit that upset me“, he explained. Naughty Boy also explained that he thought initially the singer’s account had been hacked. “Three months ago he was calling me his best friend at the Asian Awards so it’s a bit sad. Krept called him and explained that I had nothing to do with [the music video leak]“.


Naughty Boy added that he felt the “fat” jibe “wasn’t necessary“, and that it had not been received well by some teenage fans and also hinted that maybe his new management might have something to do with his sudden change of attitude. “He has got a new manager and sometimes things get interfered with“, Naughty Boy said. In this day and age it’s not right that someone with such a high profile thinks its acceptable to call someone else fat, no matter who they are, especially when you have so many young teenager followers who are already under enough strain about their physical appearance. Shame on you Mr Malik.



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