Merry Christmas From ‘Deadpool’ | Film Trailer



To celebrate the festive period, a new red band Deadpool trailer was recently released. 20th Century Fox’s promo campaign continues to cash in on the rude humour of the ‘superhero’ with spectacular results. The film will follow Wade Wilson/Deadpool, a smart-ass mercenary who learns he has cancer and is left horrifically scarred after undergoing an experimental procedure. However he is also left incredibly angry and full of vengeance but still a smart-ass.


This second trailer shows much more of Ryan Reynolds breaking the fourth wall and some glimpses of the X-Men that will feature in the film. The trailer looks brilliant as the humour adds something new to the never ending
production line of current superhero films. Tim Miller is making his directorial debut on this R rated superhero comedy action due for UK release February 4, 2016. Check out the new trailer below.




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