‘Miami Vice’ Reboot Coming From ‘Fast & Furious’ Duo | TV News


Perhaps we should have seen this coming. Who better to revive a show about undercover cops and fast cars than Vin Diesel and his Fast & Furious screenwriter Chris Morgan? Considering the success of the Fast & Furious franchise, it’s almost surprising a reboot of Miami Vice hasn’t happened already.


Unfortunately for fans, there’s very little word on the specifics of the show, as reportedly Diesel and Morgan are simply producing, at least right now.


The show had a highly underrated adaptation in 2006 when Michael Mann directed it for the screen in a modern retelling, so a major question on the lips of fans is surely whether the rebooted show will stick with a modern setting or indulge in the 80s kitsch of the original? Considering the 80s nostalgia going strong in pop culture right now, I’d bet on the latter.


It’s also possible this could be the Fast & Furious version of Marvel’s Agents Of Shield, or their Netflix shows. Much like those shows are a sort of sidekick to the MCU film franchise, Miami Vice may take a lot of what made the Fast & Furious franchise so successful and use that model on a smaller scale in the hope of reeling in a similar audience.


It’s still very early days, and the show is without any crew nor a network yet, but it’s easy to see the potential of a show that already has a built in audience, and may combine 80s nostalgia with the unironic themes of family and friendship seen in the Fast & Furious franchise.



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