Michael C. Hall To Star In Eight-Part Netflix Drama ‘Safe’ | TV News


Michael C. Hall will star in Safe, an eight-part dramatic thriller for Netflix from Harlan Coben. The show will be written by Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless) and will co-star Amanda Abbington (Sherlock).


Production has already begun for a proposed 2018 premiere date, and the synopsis is as follows:


“Hall plays Tom, a paediatric surgeon who is raising his two teenage daughters Jenny and Carrie in a picturesque gated community after the death of his wife. Everyone seems to be recovering and thriving, until one evening, Jenny sneaks out to a party. A murder and a disappearance ensue, bringing buried secrets to the surface”.


If the prior two TV shows Hall has starred in, Six Feet Under and Dexter, are anything to go by, this will be must-see TV. Although the synopsis above is pretty much the only scant details we currently have on the show, it seems Netflix is leaning towards replacing the departing Bloodline with another show based around murder and buried secrets.


Hall is actually already a part of a Netflix series, as he’s set to co-star in season 2 of The Crown playing John F. Kennedy. The second season of the biographical drama doesn’t yet have an official release date, but should arrive on all Netflix territories around November.



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