Michael Fassbender Hadn’t Played ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Before Becoming Its Star | Film News

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You’d think that anyone starring in the forthcoming video game adaptation of Assassin’s Creed might be a big gamer on the side – but not Michael Fassbender, who has revealed that he hadn’t played the game before being offered the lead role.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Oscar-nominated star assured fans that he’s now up to speed with the Creed, and understands the importance of getting his portrayal of protagonist Callum Lynch right. He observed that “the fans are really passionate: very specific and they expect accuracy and historical detail…We’re working hard to make this something special“.


Assassin’s Creed will re-unite Fassbender with his Macbeth co-star Marion Cotillard, and director Justin Kurzel, in a mega-bucks production expected out this time next year. Fassbender’s Lynch is a descendant of The Assassins, a secret society battling the mighty Templar organisation. Fellow Irish actor Brendan Gleeson has joined the cast to play Fassbender’s father; and veteran British actor Jeremy Irons has signed up to feature as Cotillard’s father (who also happens to be a Templar.)



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