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Mike Baretz is a young up and coming artist from New York City, and he just released his debut track titled “Any Other Way” on October 11.


This singer, songwriter and producer blends r&b/groove-infused production, pop-conscious melodies, and high-level musicianship for such a diversified style. His artistic influences are versatile also, from John Mayer to Charlie Puth.


For working on productions, he studied with Grammy award-winning composer Herschel Garfein. Well surrounded, he’s also mentored by artist developper and pianist Vera Tisheff. He composed his own songs in his East Village apartment, which is kitted with all the compressors and preamps he needs.


Also, Mike Baretz performed at Juilliard and he’s selling out shows at Muchmore’s, Cornelia Street Cafe, and other venues in the NYC/Brooklyn area. All he needs is himself, a guitar or a piano, and a computer, to put on for an audience.


His debut single “Any Other Way“ is a mix between pop-conscious and contemporary R&B enriched by his vocals technique.


It features romantic lyrics as “I don’t want to fight. I want you to stay; And we’ll be alright, we’ll be okay“, and the hook stays in your mind and make us want to be in our lover’s bed. That the feeling shared by the song: finding someone in order to keep themselves warm in the cold. It’s a perfect rhythmic and romantic fall song.


Listen to “Any Other Way” below:




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