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Once again it’s that time of the year when Fashion meets the city of Milan. Milan Fashion Week will take place in the beautiful metropolitan city from September 19 to 25.


This year, the fashion week will change a bit. Firstly, how the catwalks that are scheduled. In fact, Gucci for the first time ever will skip Milan Fashion Week to participate in the Paris Event but do not worry, rumours are swirling that Gucci will be back in February. Gucci will not be present, but a new entry will have a famous come back: the Fifa brand.



Moncler will open the show once again with a man-woman catwalk that has launched a new trend – women that model male clothes. The most famous example from last year was Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.




This year will be a special edition because some famous brands will be celebrating their anniversary, such as Versace with its 40th and Missoni with its 65th anniversary.




The subject of each catwalk is in some ways unique and gives space to events from society and politics so after the recent #MeToo movement, people can’t wait to see what the Prada activist movement has been preparing.



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