‘Mindhunter’ Star Holt McCallany Joins Gerard Butler For ‘Angel Has Fallen’ | Film News

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‘Mindhunter’ Star Holt McCallany Joins Gerard Butler For ‘Angel Has Fallen’ | Film News


Netflix’s serial killer drama Mindhunter got plenty of deserved praise; for its story, for David Fincher‘s visual palette, and for the performances. One of the breakout stars was Holt McCallany playing the gruff FBI agent Bill Tench, and some producers were obviously impressed as they’ve cast him to appear alongside Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman in Angel Has Fallen.


Angel Has Fallen is the third entry in the Has Fallen franchise, following Olympus and London. Directed by Ric Waugh, this third entry will feature Butler’s Mike Banning running afoul of a group of terrorists who then attack Air Force One.


McCallany will play Wade Jennings, an old, ex-military friend of Banning’s who is now the head of a major technology firm. As one might expect in a film like this, Jennings might be hiding a secret or two, and those secrets might become problematic when cruising at 30,000 feet with terrorists attacking.


While it might be slightly surprising that the Has Fallen series has become a thing, the first film grossed a handy $170.3 million worldwide, while the second improved on that with a worldwide gross of $205.8 million. When Hollywood sniffs a profit thanks to a mindless, generic action film, they’re going to take it.


Additional plot details regarding the third film are scarce, though it’s hard to imagine it’s much more complex than what was described above. Production is expected to begin in the UK next month.



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