‘Minions’ Dominate Box Office With $115 Million Debut | Film News


That’s right. Those annoying little yellow monsters you keep seeing around town have smashed this weekend’s box office numbers. They’ve taken the title of the second biggest animated opening of all time (unfortunately not stealing first place from Shrek The Third). The third film of the Despicable Me franchise opened with $115.2 million debut.


Although the animation has had some harsher reviews in comparison to first and second Despicable Me, its not difficult to believe these box office figures as evidently, the world has gone Minion mad. With children running the streets in their minion masks eating their minion haribos. The film revolves around three of the yellow organisms – Stuart, Kevin and Bob (generic minion names) – who are on a quest, searching for a new super-villain to honour and obey. Now, who wouldn’t want to see that?



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