Miranda Otto And John Corbett Join John R. Leonetti’s ‘The Silence’ | Film News


The Silence is really starting to round out its team, now adding Miranda Otto and John Corbett to the mix. Youngster Kyle Breitkopf (Parental Guidance) also joins the cast which already boasts Mad Men‘s Kiernan Shipka and all-around master Stanley Tucci (The Hunger Games, The Devil Wears Prada).


John R.Leonetti will direct the film, an accomplished horror cinematographer – Insidious, The Conjuring – with the direction of Annabelle under his belt. The Van Dyke Brothers adapt the script from the novel by Tim Lebbon.

According to Deadline, The Silence “centers on Ally, a deaf teenager, who lived in New Jersey where a colony of bats are attacked by a parasitic insect and soon morph into a new lethal species called Vesps. As the blind, winged creatures quickly grow, spread and attack the human population, Ally’s heightened senses become her strength,


She and her family seek refuge in the woods where they must live in total silence and amidst the creature chaos, they learn that humans can be just as dangerous.”


Miranda Otto boasts an impressive resume, from Lord of the Rings to Homeland. Though she hasn’t directly worked with Leonetti, Otto stars in Annabelle: Creation, the latest in The Conjuring franchise. John Corbett, meanwhile, isn’t exactly known for horror work, but rather the comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It’ll be interesting for most to see him in a different light.



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