Matt Vogel Makes Debut As New Voice Of Kermit The Frog | TV News


Since it was announced that Steve Whitmire had been fired from voicing Kermit the Frog after 27 years, fans of the Muppets have been anticipating hearing Matt Vogel‘s debut in replacement.


Now, in a Muppet Thought of the Week video, we can finally hear how Kermit 3.0 sounds, and it’s not so bad.



Of course, the video was met with mixed reviews, but for the most part it’s a great extension of the beloved character. Naturally, Vogel adds something new to Kermit, but anyone who criticises the voice actor should remember that Steve Whitmire’s Kermit was also somewhat different from Jim Henson’s original portrayal. Rather, I think Vogel’s shares some similarities to Henson’s voicing that Whitmire missed.


Vogel is only the third actor to perform Kermit since its creation in 1955, where it was voiced by Henson. Whitmire was appointed after Henson’s death in 1990 until his firing this year, and so of course there’s a lot of pressure on Vogel to perform well. As Vogel adapts to being green, only time will tell what the wide spread response is to the new puppeteer.



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