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Along with the drop of their new single entitled “Hell Yeah“, alt-pop duo Mob Rich (formerly Moby Rich) have announced their debut album Why No Why set to release on May 14.


About their new single, Mob Rich have revealed that ““Hell Yeah” is a song of anticipation and anxiety. Waiting for your crush to call or come over. How that person can always be floating around your head even when you sleep. It’s about the process of someone slowly becoming the thing that you rely on and how they in a lot of ways become your ‘home’. But it’s all jam packed in a really fun and quirky sonic space.


The track is made of a lo-fi beat mixed up with bouncy verses offering us a hypnotic hook saying “Hell yeah, I’m in slow motion.” We can affirm that once more Mob Rich delivered us another laidback song that is both quotable and chantable. Furthermore, the rhythm might get stuck in your head and you will ask for more.


The album name is due to the change of the name of the group. The fact that the band suppressed the ‘Y’ has made a lot of people asking “why?“. They specified that “On a more serious note, it’s a short way of expressing how we communicate with each other. We’re constantly having conversations of the “why” in our everyday life, and this album is a compilation of those conversations we’ve had“.


The duo also revealed that on the album, we will be able to move through their favorite music genres and that it shows different sides of the duo.


Mob Rich were able to create an invitation to their world. Based in Los Angeles, Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger have built a musical universe for everyone, with charming melancholy, adventurous soundscapes, and big hooks for verses.


In their music, and as people, the duo is able to examine humankind’s inherent need for belonging, the seemingly overwhelming obstacles of anxiety and depression, along with the feeling of ostracization. In their songs, we are always able to find emotional honesty and a keen sense of humor.


You might have seen them in their collaboration with Grandson, Broods or Bishop Briggs. They can also compared to Tame Impala or early MGMT.


While waiting for the album, listen to “Hell Yeah” here:




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