Tamara Bubble Unveils Upbeat New Single ‘I Love Me’ | Music News


If I have to describe Tamara Bubble‘s latest single in one word, I would definitely say positivity! In her new single, “I Love Me”, the rap and R&B artist calls on listeners to love themselves. A more complicated concept than it sounds.


“I challenge you to LOVE YOURSELF”, said the Brooklyn-based rapper and singer. She calls everyone to be their own biggest supporter in this adventure that is life over a very rap-R&B beat that fits her well. We feel this desire to love ourselves in the more than explicit lyrics.


“Look in the mirror and I likey what I see / What I see / What I see / What I see / Nothing but beauty / I love me so much”, she sings throughout the song.


This R&B-rap single is accompanied by a very visual music video. In front of a “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” pink neon sign, we see the young artist laid on a sofa with a very fancy loungewear outfit watching herself in the mirror while repeating “I Love Me” to herself. A video well in line with the music.


Tamara Bubble has explored many musical horizons, from pop, R&B, hip-hop to even jazz, and she has been a sensation in the world of independent music. With her performance prowess, she has had the chance of opening for many big stars such as Young Thug, Lil Mo, or even Joel Ortiz, among others.


With this new single we wish her all the success she deserves. Watch the music video for “I Love Me” below.




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