Montreal Artist Mya Luv Releases New Song ‘Tired Of It’

Canadian singer and songwriter Mya Luv has released a brand new song that she wrote, composed and co-produced. The song’s title is “Tired Of It” and it is where the artist gets real about the struggles of life and opens up about being alive in the 21st century.

With this “Tired Of It” track, she raises questions about societal norms, social media and the digital era that we live in and how that affects our authenticity and our integrity and stops us from being in touch with our truer selves.

This acoustic song has a twist that you can’t miss and it happens during the bridge from the 2:13-2:31 mark, where a big brass/violin/guitar section takes over the song and leads it to a culminated end, leaving the listener with a fresh adrenaline rush that creates an amazing sense of urgency.

Based in Montreal, the singer, producer and musician will immerse you into a genuine and heart-felt universe that takes inspiration from genres such as soul, R&B, folk, pop, rock, jazz and oriental music. She is a self-taught musician and  she co-produced her debut EP that shows her energy and her essence.

Don’t miss Mya Luv’s new song and listen to “Tired Of It” now:


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