Nottingham Songstress Morgana Unveils New Track ‘Comfort’

“Comfort” is the brand new single from emerging British songstress Morgana, taken from her upcoming debut EP.

Morgana is an up and coming British artist based in Nottingham. Her voice comprises of alternative R&B and neo-soul elements, which work together to excellent effects. With strong and unique influences from soul, and jazz, she presents an escapist and nostalgic feel in her music.

Morgana embarked on a journey of writing music back in 2016, then fast forward to 2020, she began recording demos, but it wasn’t until recently that she started working alongside Manchester based producer and Roots Raddix collective founder Tawana Nleya to flesh out her sound.

The first official single released by Morgan is “Comfort”, which is produced by Australian based Walla C. “Comfort” basically offers a clear understanding of Morgana’s musical journey with all its ups and downs with a preview of her eclectic style of music.

The “Comfort” single is set to be a prequel for a lively 2021, which is expected to see Morgana release five new singles, two visuals and a full length EP. Speaking about the track, Morgana says that listeners should “please listen to the full song to get a full insight of it“.

Check it out below:


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