Montreal Artist Stephanie Frances Lawrence Shares New Track ‘Leftfield’

Canadian artist Stephanie Frances Lawrence is breathing fresh life into the Hip-Hop/Rap genre with her unique fusion of R&B and Drill elements in her novel creation, “Leftfield.” Based in Montreal, Stephanie leads the Canadian Wave, also known as CA Wave or “Wave”.

“Leftfield” marks the beginning of an exciting new series of R&B tracks by Stephanie that innovatively incorporates Drill hi-hats and drum rhythms. Her fluidity and artful delivery on the track conjure reminiscences of renowned artist Ms. Lauryn Hill, a testament to Stephanie’s commanding musical prowess.

In a nod to her cultural roots, Stephanie’s music features the pulse and rhythm of dancehall drumbeats. These undertones trace back to her musical heritage that spans across England and Jamaica, subtly narrating her story through the rhythm and beat.

Stephanie Frances Lawrence is not just a musician but a trendsetter, setting the pace in identifying and promoting novel production styles. Her creations act as a collaborative platform for producers to explore and push the boundaries of music.

She is the pioneer of CA Wave (Canada Wave) style, a unique blend of R&B production and Drill hi-hat patterns that stems from Montreal, Canada. This fresh style pays homage to its Jamaican roots while maintaining a distinctive fast tempo and pace.

“Leftfield” provides an auditory delight with its gentle yet rhythmic beat, creating a perfect balance that makes the song a pleasure to listen to.

Immerse yourself in the unique soundscape of “Leftfield” by Stephanie Frances Lawrence below!


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