Vancouver Based Nigerian Artist Sadé Awele Shares Her New Track ‘Jo’

Emerging from the vibrant landscape of Vancouver’s music scene, the Nigerian-born, Vancouver-based sensation, Sadé Awele enriches the Afrobeat and R&B genres with her latest single, “Jo“, unveiled on Tuesday, July 11th.

Characterized by its lively Afrobeat rhythm laced with a touch of reggaeton and sultry R&B vocals, “Jo” captivates listeners with its irresistible energy. The song is an ode to the delight and sensuality inherent in dance and movement, particularly integral to the Nigerian culture.

“Jo”, a Yoruba term for “dance”, represents the importance of dance in Nigerian culture. This cultural element serves as an avenue for joyous expression, social connection, and indulgence in sheer fun. The underlying message of the song promotes the pursuit of desires and the embracement of enjoyment, echoing a core aspect of the Nigerian ethos.

Awele, born into a family where genres such as gospel, R&B, jazz, Afro-fusion, and Afrobeats were deeply appreciated and the art of drumming was practiced, was naturally exposed to diverse musical influences. This cultivated her inherent affinity for songwriting, storytelling, and drum rhythm integration from an early age.

In her music, Awele channels the spiritual depth of her Yoruba and Igbo lineage while drawing inspiration from a pantheon of legendary musicians, including Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Beyonce, and Lauryn Hill. Her distinctive Afro-R&B sound is a harmonious blend of these influences, marking her unique footprint in the Canadian music industry.

Continually pushing the boundaries of the conventional, Sadé Awele is a trailblazer revolutionizing the Afrobeats and R&B scene, one innovative track at a time.

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic journey of “Jo” by Sadé Awele below!éAwele

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