‘Moonwalkers’ Red-Band Trailer Sees Ron Perlman Searching For Stanley Kubrick | Film Trailer



It might amaze you to know that there are people on this world who think that the Apollo 11 moon landing was staged as merely a production funded by the U.S. government employing 2001: A Space Odyssey director Stanley Kubrick to make it. It’s an idea that has been constantly referenced in pop-culture and now it’s the basis for an entire film.


Moonwalkers is a comedy film about Kidman, a government agent (Ron Perlman) assigned to search for Stanley Kubrick and offer him loads of money to film the fake moon landings. This is a swift operation in order to beat the Russians in the Space Race, so rather than find the real Stanley Kubrick, Kidman hires a Kubrick lookalike (Robert Sheehan), represented by con-man Jonny (Rupert Grint), his fake manager. Watch the Red-Band trailer below.



Looks fun with a fun concept, though I’m more grabbed by who’s starring in it than the actual jokes in the trailer. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet directs with the script penned by Dean Craig and will release in January next year. The Alchemy film company have also released a poster for the film carrying a lot of the ’70s acid fuelled nature of the trailer that informs the setting, check it out:





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