‘Mortal Engines’ To Lose Over $100 Million At The Box Office | Film News


How they didn’t see this coming, we’ll never know, but a city on wheels isn’t exactly jetting off anytime soon. Peter Jackson, who directed Lord Of The Rings, also took this project by the reigns, but unfortunately it is said to be losing over $100 million+, and possibly up to $125 million.


This could be due to its inability to pitch the film within a few lines, all the while enticing viewers. Variety says Mortal Engines focuses on “predator cities,” mobile urban centers on wheels. These roam around the planet preying on smaller cities, robbing them of resources in order to sustain themselves. It’s a mystifying bit of world building that was frostily received by critics”. 


To break that down, somehow everything in your city has stayed in tact as it roams around on wheels over the earth. Sounds a little farfetched, no?


And even if it doesn’t, people don’t want to see their city on wheels, they want stability. They want a location that characters can return to, and characters that move to different places. Not a messy mixture of both.


The pitch comes off sloppy, but without watching, there’s no way of knowing whether the film will be good or bad. Though with a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 28%, it’s easy to at least predict.



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