Mothé Shares Vibrant New Single ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’

LA-based artist and producer Spencer Fort has released their brand new single as Mothé, it is titled “Summer’s Almost Gone”.

This brand new single is a vibrant track accompanied by rolling melodies and atmospheric instrumentation. It pairs modern indie elements with a sweet, familiar nostalgia. After three minutes the track slows down a little bit to let someplace to a guitar-heavy bridge while the outro brings an anthemic, stadium-rock energy to compliment the chilled groove we had earlier in the song.

“Summer’s Almost Gone” is tackling the end of a relationship, the end of this love is happening at the same time that the ending season.

Spencer Fort is proud of their creative process from the beginning to the end, they rely a lot on analog recording techniques. They stated: “With every single thing I do, I want to take a little bit longer because I put a bit of care into it. I want all of my work to exist outside of the digital sphere, too. I love the idea of having things come to life in a physical form before they make their way to other platforms.

Mothé is working as a non-binary member where their musical genre is heavily dominated by men. They have a unique perspective that has yet to be heard. In this hoot, they started their own independent record label in March 2021, it is called Slowlab Records. It takes an entirely artist-first approach, trying to pay close attention to all the people behind the scenes, which is lacking in the other areas of the industry according to Fort.

“Summer’s Almost Gone” is a part of the first handful of Slowlab releases following “Dancing On An Empty Floor”, “Wrong Places” and “Debt Collector”. These songs are only showing a glimpse of Mothé’s inventive and dynamic sound. Their debut LP will arrive in early 2022.

Mothé is the stage name of Spencer Fort. They played piano and were trained in classical music from a young age, music has always been their safe place. For four years, they performed under the name Moth Wings and collaborated with Dan Workman before disbanding in 2019.

Shortly after, Fort decided to move to LA where he began writing as well as producing music for other artists alongside Mikal Blue. They also played with the alt-rock band The Wreck as a touring member before wanting to build a new solo project.

Now, they perform as Mothé and are working closely with friend and co-producer Robert Stevenson, together they craft a sound that is uniquely theirs.


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