Joseph Marcus Shares New Single ‘Who Are You Talking To’ From Upcoming EP

Singer-songwriter and bedroom producer Joseph Marcus has just dropped his new single “Who Are You Talking To” which is taken from his upcoming EP set to be released this Summer. It was written and produced entirely by Joseph Marcus himself.

Joseph Marcus has already released three other singles also take from his forthcoming project: “IDWU”, “Summer Rain” and “Tell Me What You Think About Me”. These singles were featured on editorial Spotify playlists.

“Who You Are Talking To” is an RnB/Pop song that is talking about jealousy. About the song, Joseph Marcus said: “My new single is about how mistrust causes jealousy in a relationship and can make you go a bit crazy and act out of character. It’s also about how we can let our past leak into our current relationships and affect the way we perceive the actions of the person we’re with.

I’ve seen so many people do this (including myself, oops!) so I thought it would be fun to take it a bit further and make it into a pop song.

As he grew up listening to ’90s and ’00s pop and R&B, he decided to pay homage to his memories by lifting some elements and classic production tropes from those times.

The release of his new project is following his acclaimed debut EP ROOT which also had tracks on editorial Spotify playlists and all of them were played on radio by BBC Music Introducing.

Joseph Marcus is an independent artist being a singer-songwriter as well as a bedroom producer. His soulful voice reminds us of ’00s R&B, and is instantly recognizable. His sound is a blending of classic Pop songwriting with some contemporary electronic, R&B and Art Pop influences.

Before the release of Joseph Marcus’ upcoming EP, you can listen to his brand new single “Who Are You Talking To” here:


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