Move Along Offer Short But Sweet Love Song ‘Forget Me Not’

Move Along, a pop punk and alternative rock band from Khon Kaen, Thailand, is back with a new single. The band, consisting of Atcha Saenkhot (Aom) on vocals and guitar, Jompon Siamsak (Pune) on lead guitar, and Nattawut Auppakaew (M) on bass, started as a solo project by Aom when he was just 19 years old.

Aom first released an EP called Dream Street with four songs. Then, he attended university in his hometown, where he met Pune and M, who joined the band on guitar and bass. Together, they released six songs under Trashlab Records, transitioning their lyrics to their native language and slightly altering their musical style.

Move Along’s lyrics cover various themes, including love, friendship, dreams, and even politics. Now, the band is back with “Forget Me Not,” their latest single. This song marks a return to writing in English and showcases a dramatic change in their music style.

“Forget Me Not” combines power pop vocal melodies with crackling guitar sounds in major keys. The lyrics are about loving someone with all your heart. Although the song lasts only one minute, it leaves a lasting impression. Aom says, “We wanted to create something short but meaningful. “Forget Me Not” is a simple yet powerful expression of love.”

The song’s brief duration doesn’t take away from its impact. Pune adds, “Sometimes, the shortest songs can convey the strongest emotions. We hope our fans feel the love we poured into this track.”

Move Along continues to evolve while staying true to their roots. Their new single showcases their ability to mix different musical styles and languages, making their music accessible to a wider audience. With “Forget Me Not,” Move Along proves that even a short song can be rich in emotion and meaning.

Listen to “Forget Me Not” below!


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