WESLEE Redefine Love Stories On New Single ‘If It Don’t Start It Can’t End’

WESLEE, the duo of producer Josh Grant and singer-songwriter Emma DD, continue to push the boundaries of modern music with their latest single, “If It Don’t Start It Can’t End.

This track symbolizes the closing chapter of their newest EP, World 2 an indie-pop experience that marks a significant evolution from their earlier works.

“If It Don’t Start It Can’t End” stands out not only for its brilliant production and emotive lyrics but also for its unique storytelling. WESLEE has created a reverse love story, ending with the beginning of a relationship. This perspective offers a fresh new take on the complexities of modern dating, diving deep into the emotional struggles that many experience in 2024.

Their partnership began in a New York City recording session, where their mutual passion for music aligned perfectly and led to the birth of WESLEE. Their debut single, “Gassed,” quickly set the tone for their career, becoming the fastest track to be named ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by BBC Radio 1, just 24 hours after its release.

After a brief hiatus to grow individually and creatively, during which both received Grammy nominations, WESLEE returned with a refreshed vision.

Moreover, their captivating live performances helped them build a devoted fanbase, leading to sold-out shows in major cities like London, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. Their latest project, the “Worlds” series, characterizes their evolution. This series, with its innovative concept, explores various emotions through a blend of R&B, Indie, Soul, and Pop Music.

Listen to “‘If It Don’t Start It Can’t End” here!


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