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The price of a cinema ticket in the UK has raised 18% in the last five years. This is said to be because of the popularity of 3D screenings – with the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World drawing in over 40% of their opening weekend budgets from 3D screenings as opposed to 2D ones. This, combined with the higher prices of IMAX screenings and ‘VIP’ style luxury seating in many theatres, which enables these cinemas to charge visitors higher prices.


The result of these higher prices in cinemas is reflected in the overall takings – with monthly cinema admissions having dropped over 10% since 2013. In talks about cinema prices with Screen Daily, Zygi Kamasa – CEO of Lionsgate UK – stated, “in most other industries, retail price is related to the cost of production, but not in the film business. A blockbuster can cost $250m and a UK independent film can cost $4m but it’s £10 or more to see both“.


Kamasa said that ticket prices should better reflect the films’ budget, as films such as Jurassic World and The Avengers: Age of Ultron dominate this years’ cinema takings, leaving films with lesser budgets struggling to make up the numbers.



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