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The multi-platinum singer, songwriter and producer gnash have returned with a double release recently. His new project “outside/inside” is including two short songs and is dealing with his personal thoughts, especially fears, during the pandemic.


gnash started his career with just a DIY studio in his home garage and a Soundcloud account. He is mostly known for his breakthrough hit “i hate u, i love u” from 2016. The single has been an international success and has accumulated over 2 billion streams and 500 million YouTube views.


In the past few years he published several EP’s, his debut album we and is featured on acclaimed singer-songwriter MAX’s platinum hit “Lights Down Low”. He has become an established part of the indie-pop realm and has reached extensive media attention.


gnash wants to express feelings through music particularly. “I was raised that it’s okay to have feelings, as long as you aren’t afraid to talk about them – so I’ve chosen to do that by documenting the feelings I have in my heart in my art” he explains. This passion shows in his new project “outside/inside” as well.


Listen to the songs below:



outside” greets you with warm and comforting vocals and a soft guitar melody. The intimate lyrics deals with gnash’s fears and worries. He is overwhelmed by his own feelings, but also appeals to “find the beauty in pain, in the ups & the downs & just smile now“. He spreads hope through his lyrics and motivates his audience to “turn it around, spend the rest of the day with our head in the clouds”


inside” follows with an internal dialog accompanied by the piano and an unobtrusive beat. The lyrics are beautifully raw and honest. gnash relates to internal conflicts everybody has during the pandemic and finally accepts himself and the current situation.



Both songs share fear and hope. “Those are the two emotions I’ve been feeling most recently. Like all of you, I’ve had some time to think for some months now” – gnash said.


For him the project is a journey through his daily thought processes and a “deep dive down into his mind“. He confesses some realizations & resolutions he has made from “the self-reflection time we’ve all accidentally found ourselves with“.


The honesty of the lyrics is really refreshing. gnash manages to work through this crazy times in a creative way. Many people can relate to his lyrics and are dealing with isolation and worries as well. His connection of honest descriptions of fear and hopeful thoughts could help people to deal with the pandemic.


About the project he mentioned “to make a difference on the outside, we have to take care of ourselves on the inside“, which explains the connection of the songs even further and points out the importance of self-care, especially at times like these. If you’re interested in the topic the music video is worth looking at as well.




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