Multidisciplinary Artist Møya Rey Releases New Single ‘Transatlantic Calls’

New York City-based multidisciplinary artist Møya Rey has taken her soulful and melodic voice to new heights as she is synthesizing genres such as Soul, Afro-Tunes and R&B in her new single titled “Transatlantic Calls”. This first single is part of bigger project as it is taken from her upcoming debut EP Lost In Translation that aims to understand the transatlantic dialogue that happens in Black music.

The track is mixing three languages – English, Spanish and French – with Møya Rey’s new and fresh interpretation of Caribbean, West African and electronic sounds that are forming a cohesive musical suite.

This first song was created during the quarantine period, it was produced by Arty Furtado. It also comes with its official music video.

In “Transatlantic Calls”, some altered drum patterns are looped and tied together with the sparkling sound of piano melodies. In the meantime, the saxophone is also here to provide an atmospheric finish that is nostalgic of afternoons spent in NYC’s Washington Square Park. Over these melodies come Møya’s vocals that are part smooth, sultry and upbeat.

The different languages are serving as bridges between the verses and choruses. The track and its atmosphere will transport you and you will want to loop this song for a while.

Møya Rey is an NYC-based multidisciplinary artist, her name comes from her maternal last name – Moya – and her paternal last name as well – Reynozo. As she was Dominican-American born and raised in NYC she was shaped and influenced by a multitude of cultures. And it is this transatlantic dialogue that is occurring in music that is giving Møya’s music and its unwavering rhythm some expression and liberation.

Go watch the video of Møya Rey’s debut single “Transatlantic Calls” here:


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