Musician And Producer Chase Aaron Shares New Single ‘Lose’

Musician Chase Aaron has already expressed the fact that from now on he is taking the control of his own narrative and that he will lead with transparency in his art. Until recently, his last single “Lose” was only available to the subscribers of his growing initiative: the Bipolar Art Club, but he has now shared this new track publicly.

In “Lose”, the singer is getting vulnerable about being self-destructive but also struggling with co-dependency. The track is minimal, it is featuring a main progression played on guitar by Wolf as well as a two-step drum pattern that reminds us the ones of an Eric Benét record.

Despite its subject, the tune has its own refreshing flavor. The 808’s provide a modern uplift and a, just enough, sonic landscape for Chase Aaron to talk about his melancholic thoughts.

Formally known as SaveUrself Co., Chase Aaron’s coalition frontlines the challenge and removal of stigmas that are around mental health, mental illnesses and the people who suffer from them.

Chase Aaron is a multifaced musician who has an eclectic array of influences and integrates them into his persona. He produces, writes, records, mixes and masters all of his music. He oversees every creative aspect of his art. He built his universe drawing his inspiration from various pop culture figures such as Prince, Andy Warhol, Quentin Tarantino, Nirvana and more…

You can listen to Chase Aaron’s last single “Lose” here:


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