Mumford & Sons’ New Album Will Be All About Experimentation | Music News


Mumford & Sons’ new album Delta, which is set to be released on November 16, will be a celebration of their first album Sigh No More.



The British band will be celebrating their 10th anniversary and Delta will be the chance to experiment with their music. Producer Paul Epworth has convinced them to bring back the acoustic instruments which was part of the band’s original sound but with a particular twist that made everything incredible.


Fans were quick to criticize their last album Wilder Mind for the new ‘alternative rock’ sound that Mumford & Sons had chosen to adopt, but the band is sure that they will appreciate Delta.


The new album was preceded by their previous single “Guiding Light” which has obtained a fair amount of success.


The new album will cover topics that the band members have to face every day, dubbed by band member Ben Lovettthe Four D’s/em>’ – Death, divorce, drugs and depression. They will sing about their lives because as they said – “if it is not true it is not a song“.



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